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More than 50 years ago, a group of local leaders from Delaware County envisioned a faith-based organization to serve the health needs of our community. In 1963 that vision became a reality when the South Wing of the Good Neighbor Home was constructed and the doors opened to serve the needs of the geriatric population. Since then, major milestones include adding the North wing in 1973, The Meadows Assisted Living in 2000, and Marietta's Place in 2011.

Today, we stand in a unique position to continue this extraordinary vision and ensure that our community has quality retirement services that provide a complete continuum of care for the next 50 years.

Recently a family member characterized Good Neighbor Home as "an environment of warmth and friendliness with caring staff and commitment to providing the best possible care. Mom was so blessed to have excellent, professional, compassionate care over three years." Good Neighbor Society is continuing the tradition of the original local leaders by adding to the vision.

With your support, we hope to expand our campus to enhance the overall patient experience, expand healthcare services, and be a catalyst for economic development in our community. We pray you will join us on this journey.

Thank you for taking the time to carefully review these plans with us. Only through our combined efforts can dreams like this become a reality for us, our children, and their children to follow.

Diane Hammell, Board President

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Its donations from our amazing supporters like you that help projects like these come to life! To donate to our cause, click below to donate online or fill out a pledge card and email to or deliver in person to our office. Thank you for your support!

Barb Glass

No matter if it was occupational or physical therapists that stopped in to work with me or just see how I was doing, all of them supported me in more ways than they will ever know. I felt that it was a friendship. I would recommend anyone to go there!

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For more information about our community growth initiative reach out to Matt Carpenter directly.

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